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Hi! I’m glad you decided to visit my site and learn more about a raw vegan diet. I have been raw since January 2008. That’s not very long but I have already gained wonderful benefits from eating raw, fresh and living foods and every day just keeps getting better! I started this blog to help you, my friends and family, who want to know all about “how raw works” after seeing the vast improvement in my life. Look around and see all the resources to help you jump in and gain your own enthusiasm about becoming raw, strong and fabulous.
Have a Rawlicious day!

Jana going "Over the Edge" Jana went “Over the Edge”
31 floors for Special Olympics at the Sheraton, Waikiki, Hawaii.

(9 minute video)
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To donate to Special Olympics  Click here!

Jana at Sheraton

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  • Tessa Young

    Hi Jana – How are you?  Thank you for this website.  It is so encouraging and helpful for a newbie like me to the raw food diet.  I am at the point where I east mostly raw for breakfast and dinner.  I wanted to know do you only eat smoothies and/ or fruit for breakfast?  Are there any other options for breakfast I can eat and do you have any recipes?
    Thanks – Tessa Young

    Comment | February 13, 2013

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